At times, the tension between our ego and our true self will be so intense that we can no longer ignore it. On one hand, we are incredibly complex human beings living with a nervous system that has been honed over millennia to avoid pain and survive at any cost. On the other, we are sophisticated, beautiful souls whose consciousness transcends the mere material and raw nature of life. 

Our nervous systems and thinking minds are adapted to avoid pain and danger and seek safety and comfort. This can show up as habitual patterns of thinking and behaving towards ourselves, others, material possessions, and substances. Our adaptations to our environment can lead us to suffer when they keep us restricted, stuck, and limited. Especially when they come up against our soul’s innate desire to grow, evolve, and expand.

Human beings have a drive to survive as well as a drive to ascend and transcend. How can we resolve the two when they seem at odds? Through building self-trust, self-compassion, and expanding our window of tolerance for discomfort in the service of growth. 

Psychedelics help us heal our wounds and release the intensity of their emotional charge so that we have the energy and capacity to weather the challenges of growth. Psychedelics can help us regulate our nervous systems so that we can withstand the fears that arise as take steps to live more aligned with our true self. Psychedelics help us connect with our version of spirituality so that we have can connect to a sense of purpose, comfort, and safety as we embark on new paths and let go of our old ways of being.

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