Shame is an adaptive survival response. As a small, vulnerable child it’s safer to believe that we are not worthy of being taken care of than to believe that our caregivers are not able to take care of us. 

If there is something wrong with us, then maybe there’s something we can learn to do to make up for it, or we can try and fix ourselves. This belief gives us a sense of control. The alternative, that our caregivers are for whatever reason unable to meet our needs, is a threat to our survival. This is how unmet needs in childhood can lead to trauma. It can also lead to the development of patterns of thinking and behaving in order to further adapt to our environment. 

We may learn to deny our needs in order to please our caregivers and feel safer. We may learn to achieve and perform in order to get attention and feel safer. We may learn to act out. We may learn to use substances to numb the pain and avoid our feelings. We may escape out of our bodies and into our minds. 

You. Are. Amazing. That you learned to survive, however it looks, shows your intelligence, adaptability, and resiliency. You’ve been taking care of yourself the best way you know how.

And it’s time to let go of the shame. Lay down the belief that you are unworthy. Life opens up when we are ready to take the risk of changing our beliefs about ourselves. 

Psychedelic medicine helps us on this path by connecting us to our innate worthiness. It helps us rewire our brain and adapt yet again – but this time as an adult. A human being that has survived the trials of life and has the ability to withstand whatever comes their way. Psychedelic medicine helps us reprocess our past experiences in a new light. With a broader understanding of why things happened the way they did when we were children, and how now we are the adults and we can take care of ourselves. Psychedelic medicine helps us forgive ourselves and lay down the burdens we’ve been carrying. To heal.

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