I emerged from a strict Roman Catholic upbringing with a strong resistance and aversion to anything spiritual or religious. At the same time, I was intensely curious about those realms. I had experienced unhealthy expressions of spirituality and repressive doctrine, yet I saw the core messages as universal and supportive. I had witnessed suffering in a religious community, and I had also connected to moments of deep meaning, cohesiveness, and a sense of expansiveness and something greater than just the human experience.

I had a spiritual awakening in my first psychedelic experience and it was impossible to prepare for what this would be like and how it would affect me. I did not experience spiritual safety as a child, but fortunately I found spiritually safe spaces as an adult. I am forever grateful to have found guides, teachers, mentors, friends and a partner who encourage and celebrate the unique expression and development of my spirituality. My hope is that everyone working with psychedelic medicines can find spiritual safe spaces to support their integration process. 

Many of us seeking healing or personal growth have a history of conditioning or trauma related to spirituality and /or religion, and psychedelics commonly lead to spiritual or mystical experiences. For this reason it is important for spiritual safety to be established before a psychedelic experience and for there to be spiritual support available post-ceremony. Be wary of guides or communities with rigid or prescriptive spiritual beliefs. I encourage you to seek spaces that accept fluidity and celebrate differences. 

Do you consider yourself spiritual?

How would you describe your spirituality?

Have you had a spiritual or mystical experience, with psychedelics or otherwise? What was that like for you?

Do you have people in your life that you feel safe to share your spirituality with?

Have you had any struggles with spirituality or religion? 

What does spiritual safety look and feel like to you?

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