Through getting in underneath the conditioned mind, psychedelics can assist us to gain access to aspects of reality we are usually not in touch with. This includes the deep trauma and pain that we are carrying. 

With the help of psychedelics (e.g., psilocybin) and complementary medicines (e.g., MDMA) we can reprocess past events, release emotions and energy stored in the body, and connect to our true selves as well as the oneness of the universe. Both the deep pain and the wonders of the true self and unity of the universe are hidden from our conditioned mind with its habitual patterns and neural pathways. 

It’s so important that this process is held in a safe, supportive, and compassionate setting with the supervision of a trained facilitator – we are open and vulnerable when navigating our inner world in this way. So much of the psychedelic experience is dependent on set (our mindset going into the experience) and setting (the physical, social, and cultural environment) as well as the safety and support provided by the facilitator(s). 

Sometimes, psychedelic experiences are easeful and blissful. Other times, they are uncomfortable and challenging as emotions such as fear and grief are released. Support is necessary through each phase of the journey: preparation, ceremony, and integration. It takes time to process our experiences, make meaning from them, and implement changes into our day-to-day lives to experience the full benefits of psychedelics. 

Psychedelics are just one tool that allows us to access our innate healing capacity and inner wisdom, but they can open doors that otherwise may take years. They can assist us in finding relief from the symptoms of trauma and spiritual meaning in ways that the Western medical and mental health system cannot. Instead of suppressing symptoms or learning to simply cope, we can get to the root of our suffering in a holistic, compassionate, and supportive way. 

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