This is how we heal. Psychedelic medicine is not necessary for healing, but it can help. 

It can help us access new perspectives of past events, allowing us to make meaning and find wisdom in our experiences. 

It can help us reprocess traumatic events, releasing the emotions and energy stored in the body so that we can find more peace and ease around our wounds and memories.

It can help us learn what it is we needed as children but did not receive, so that we can give it to ourselves in the present. This can allow us to fulfill our developmental timeline, to heal and experience growth and self-actualization. This releases us from the emotional and energetic cords that tie us to those that wounded us or could not meet our needs. 

It can help shine a light on the patterns that were wired into our nervous systems, the ones we can unconsciously repeat in our lives that prolong suffering. 

It can help rewire our brains so that we find new, more loving and healthy pathways. 

It can help us access feelings of unconditional love, safety, peace, and calmness – states we may not have had the gift of feeling in our lives. States that are within us, that we can return to through mindfulness, journaling, time in nature, breathwork, movement, meditation, and connecting with others. 

Psychedelic medicine can teach us how to heal ourselves. It can show us how our bodies and souls spontaneously move towards healing, if we can surrender and allow it to happen. No easy feat for those of us whose minds are holding a tight grip to try and protect us – but a very rewarding path.

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