When we commit to a path of personal growth an healing, all number of blocks, challenges, and barriers may appear in our way. Instead of giving up and turning away, what would it be like to lean with curiosity? Sometimes the path feels like it is taking us nowhere, and at other times we move in leaps and bounds. Many times we circle back around to familiar places, but instead of interpreting this as being back at square one, I invite you to view it as returning with a broader or deeper perspective… ready to peel back another layer to reveal and connect with your true and authentic self. 

At some point in your process of working with psychedelic medicine you may feel as though you are being tested. Perhaps you’re facing challenges as you prepare for an experience, or it might be that you are feeling stuck or lost in your integration. The path is rarely smooth, linear, and stepwise and personally this has been a huge challenge. Part of me desires clear, step-by-step instructions for each part of the journey. Another part desires to let go of maps and directions and whole-heartedly embrace and flow with the unwinding adventure that is being human. 

If you’re feeling stuck, lost, or up against a challenge on your journey with psychedelic medicine, know that you are not alone. It’s common to feel as though you’ve lost your way sometimes. The universe might throw an obstacle in your way not to make it more difficult, but to strengthen your resolve and commitment. To connect you with your desire for growth and healing, your wish to be unburdened, free, and living the future you dream for yourself. 


If you are preparing for a psychedelic experience, have you encountered any challenges? What message, lesson, or insight might be in the obstacles? 

If you are integrating a past psychedelic experience, have you been feeling stuck, lost or disconnected? What is one step you can take to support yourself in this place?