“The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus. 

Psychedelic medicine often brings us face-to-face with the feelings, thoughts, behaviours, and stories that are holding us back and preventing us from realizing our intention. Sometimes what needs healing is our resistance to change. 

Working with psychedelic medicine challenges us to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This can be incredibly difficult, especially if we are sitting with a history of personal trauma, intergenerational wounding, and/or systemic oppression and social injustice. How can we balance grieving our painful experiences with taking responsibility for our wellbeing? How can we reclaim our power and a sense of control without invalidating the ways in which we have been (or perhaps still are) victimized? Psychedelic medicine calls us to find our individual balance at each stage of our healing journey. 

Sometimes we truly need to accept change. Perhaps it is a change in our external world that is out of our control (e.g., birth, death, home, career), or maybe it’s a change we need to make with how we interact with ourselves, others, or the environment. An important part of any preparation or integration journey is approaching, with curiosity, where we have resistance to change and how we might begin to relax our resistance and find flow and ease.

This is the area where I struggle the most! I have learned a lot through my journey with psychedelic medicine about all the ways my resistance to change shows up. And believe me, there are many, many ways. 🙂

The following reflection questions are designed to prompt a deeper understanding of how we sometimes get stuck in resistance. As always, I invite you to approach the reflection with curiosity and non-judgement. It’s normal to struggle with change and resistance – as humans we are designed first and foremost for survival, and part of that includes needing safety and stability. 


What is your relationship with change? Are there areas of your life where you embrace change? Are there areas where you resist change? Think both small (e.g., a haircut) and big picture (e.g., belief system). 

Are you aware of any thoughts, behaviours, or patterns that are getting in the way of living life with more ease and in alignment with your intention?

In which situations and/or with which people do you notice feelings of defensiveness arise?

What identities, beliefs, patterns, or stories would you like to release? Have you encountered any forms of resistance along the way?