Below is an invitation to reflect on your psychedelic journey, whether you are preparing for an experience or in the integration process. As always, take in what resonates and leave the rest behind.

When stepping into the world of psychedelic medicine, you don’t need to travel far before reading or receiving advice about the importance of integration. But what is integration, anyways? Why is it so important, and how do we do it? Today I’m going to offer one perspective for you to try on. I’ll be curious to hear whether it resonates and feels useful, or if you have an alternative perspective to share. 

Integration is a process of incorporating separate or disparate parts into a coherent whole. In the context of psychedelic medicine, integration can be viewed as making sense of thoughts, feelings, visions, and perceptions from altered states of consciousness and incorporating them into our overarching belief systems and sense of self and reality. In this way, our experience becomes part of us and can be woven into our day-to-day life such that it feels relatable, accessible, and useful rather than separate, foreign, or disturbing. 

For a beautiful, comprehensive, and supportive guide on integration I highly recommend the @wearenectara Integration 101 resource

If you are in a phase of preparation for a psychedelic experience, I invite you to consider how you will support your integration process. Can you think of activities, people, and spaces that would encourage you to process your experience? Have you developed a supportive structure for your integration process? This might look like regular sessions with your guide or an integration coach, integration circles, and/or a commitment to hold space in your calendar for yourself and integration practices (e.g., journaling, breathwork, movement, time in nature). If you’re stuck, reach out to your guide or read @wearenectara’s integration resource for ideas. 

Post-ceremony, we may be in a phase of integration for weeks, months, or even years. If you have already had a psychedelic experience, how do you feel your integration process is going? Have you had an opportunity to share with others what the experience was like for you? What has been helpful or unhelpful for your integration? Is there anything about your experience that feels unfinished, unsettling, or ineffable?