Today we have a New Moon in Aries. I began a practice of following the phases of the moon a few years ago as a way to dip my toe into spirituality and feminine energy. At the time, I was in the process of stepping off my career path as a researcher and lecturer in psychology.

My heart and soul were longing for more depth, meaning, and ease in my life. The structure of the moon phases, combined with its position with respect to the zodiac archetypes, appealed to my logical, analytical mind. I saw following the phases of the moon and zodiac as a spiritual practice that I could incorporate into my daily routine. A structure that would lead me through a 360 reflection of my inner and outer world.

I felt a connection to the moon because of its cycles mirroring my own, and unlike my previous spiritual explorations (Buddhist philosophy, yoga), following the moon felt deeper and more closely woven into the natural world. What I love is how simple and how deep this practice can be, from a twice-monthly check-in at the new and full moon, to a deep daily flow through the unconscious and conscious, light and shadow.

I believe incorporating spiritual practices into our lives is an important part of the psychedelic integration process, and there are infinite ways to connect with and express one’s spirituality. This is definitely a favourite of mine!

If you’re interested in following along and learning about this practice, send me an email. I offer a Women’s Moon Journey Circle as well as reflection emails aligned with the phases of the moon.