At the Full Moon we experience the full expression of the power of the moon cycle. This often brings emotional intensity. You may notice a build-up of a particular energy or emotion in your body in the days leading up to a full moon. Personally, I struggle to sleep around the full moon and sometimes feel positive and energized and other times overwhelmed by stress or emotions.

The Full Moon is all about completion, abundance, creation, and transformation. The first half of the lunar cycle is about doing/giving/creating. The Full Moon marks the transition to the second half of the cycle, a moment to pause and celebrate our progress and achievements before shifting into a state of being/receiving/releasing.

This Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. In addition to feeling the energy of the moon at her strongest, we may feel an inner tension resulting from being positioned in between the sun and the moon, each in opposing zodiac archetypes (Sagittarius is opposite Gemini). This opposition may bring qualities that feel balancing, complimentary, and supportive. Or it may feel contradictory and challenging to knit together.

The Sagittarius archetype is that of the wild and adventurous philosopher and traveler. Sagittarius is a fire sign, associated with the soul and primal life force energy. Fire signs embody risk-taking, leadership, passion, confidence, action, motivation, and energy. Sagittarius is a transpersonal sign, meaning that it relates to understanding ourselves in relation to that which exists beyond ourselves and our mundane world. Many people associate the transpersonal with the spiritual.


I invite you to create time and space today or over the next few days to practice embodying the energy of the Sagittarius archetype and aligning your thoughts and behaviours with your intention for this lunar cycle. We will share our reflections together in circle.

Write down what emotions and physical sensations you are feeling. What seems aligned with the energy of Sagittarius? What feels contrary to this archetype?

Take some time to reflect on the past couple of weeks or even the past few months. Can you see examples of progress, growth, or learning? What would you like to acknowledge and celebrate about yourself?

Are you noticing any situations or aspects of your life in which the theme of opposition or polarity is arising?