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Consuming very small amounts of psychedelics (e.g., 5-10% of a full dose) can provide benefits even without undergoing a full experience. Emerging research suggests that microdosing can help us in a variety of ways, including:

  • emotionally: improved mood, reduced stress and anxiety, and a general sense of optimism
  • socially: more ease connecting with ourselves and others
  • mentally: increased focus, creativity, and problem-solving ability
  • spiritually: deeper meditation, a closer connection to nature, and richer spiritual practices
  • physically: increased energy, clarity of vision, and cardiovascular endurance as well as fewer headaches and migraines

There are dozens of articles on how to microdose, but navigating the world of psychedelics on your own can be overwhelming. Psychedelics are not without risk, and it can be challenging to figure out what will work best for you.

How I Can Help

Receive personalized guidance on how to microdose to meet your intentions.

  • Learn how to microdose safely and effectively
  • Avoid information overwhelm and analysis paralysis
  • Choose your best substance, dose, and protocol
  • Develop a plan to get the most out of your microdosing journey
  • Process your experience so that you achieve long-lasting, beneficial results

Jessica Forrest, PhD

Welcome! I’m Jessica, and I help people work with psychedelics safely and effectively.

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Work with Me

Microdosing Guidance and Support

I provide one-on-one guidance for microdosing. You will receive a personalized protocol, journal to track your experiences, integration plan, and tailored strategies and exercises.

What is the process?

Preparation (2 x 90min, $225 each): Your preparation sessions are an opportunity for us to begin to get to know one another and weave the container that will support you throughout your journey. I will lead you through a comprehensive intake process designed to minimize potential risks and increase the likelihood of a beneficial experience. This will include a detailed questionnaire and review of your medical, mental health, and personal history. 

After completing your intake we will prepare your personalized microdosing protocol aligned with your intentions. I will offer spiritual, somatic, and psychotherapeutic approaches to support your microdosing journey. 

Integration (2 x 90min, $225 each): The most important aspect of working with psychedelic medicine is integration. Incorporating microdosing into your personal growth and healing journey can lead to profound insights, a nervous system reset, blocks being removed, new places inside us opened up, increased sensitivity, and deep personal inquiry. I will support you in making meaning of what unfolds for you throughout your experience and developing a plan to incorporate the lessons and insights into your day-to-day life. 

How much does it cost?

Each 90min session is $225 (including tax) and we will meet for a minimum of four sessions. 

I offer a reduced rate through a sponsorship fund for individuals facing financial hardship. Please let me know if you are in need of support. 

How do I get started?

The first step is to get in touch. We’ll go over your intentions and get a feel for whether we’re a good fit for working together.

Get In Touch

I’d love to connect! Ask me a question by using the form below or sending me an email. 



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