Traumatic experiences, including unmet needs in childhood, can disconnect us from ourselves, others, and life itself.

Trauma can leave us depressed, anxious, trapped in our minds with a self-critic that never seems to quit.

It tells us not to bother trying, to give up, that we’ll never be good enough. That we’re worthless.

The critic is a part of ourselves trying to keep us safe. But what keeps us safe can keep us sad. This part of you may not know your power. Your strength. Your resilience. Your worth. It just hasn’t met you yet.

Psychedelic medicine can help us meet those parts of ourselves with love and compassion. They can help us unburden the critic from its role of keeping us safe. They can help us embrace life. To let it in. The good, the bad, the terrifying, the profoundly beautiful.

Healing is a scary journey into the unknown. Who are we without our trauma? Without our addiction? Without our partner? Without our eating disorder? Without our career?

I hope you can find the courage to discover the answer. To open yourself to all that’s possible in life. You’re not alone on this path.