May 22, 2022 (11:43am PDT)

The Last Quarter moon phase is a time for letting go. Whereas the first half of the lunar cycle is about desire, intention, action, and “doing”, the second half is about satisfaction, releasing, letting go, and “being”. 

The Aquarius archetype is that of the innovator and the visionary. Aquarius is an air sign, and this element represents the mental and the social. Air is about connection, thought process, sociability, communication, innovation, relationships, learning, writing, speaking, teaching, balance, breath, change, and aspirations for the future. 

Aquarius is another transpersonal sign, representing the big picture and how we relate to the greater world. It is also a fixed sign, providing lasting energy, focus, and clear direction. 

The energy of Aquarius can help you get clear on your vision for the future where your intention is met, and be innovative when it comes to letting go. This can be an opportunity to drop into what life would be like should your intention be met, and what blocks, barriers, perspectives or patterns are inhibiting you from living out that future for yourself. 


I invite you to create time and space today or over the next few days to practice embodying the energy of the Aquarius archetype and aligning your thoughts and behaviours with your intention for this lunar cycle.

Write down what emotions and physical sensations you are feeling. What seems aligned with the energy of Aquarius? What feels in opposition or resistant to this archetype?

Reflect on your intention for this moon cycle. What can you release or let go of to support yourself in meeting your intention? This may be inner or outer blocks or barriers, or it may be an expectation, assumption, or attachment to an outcome. 

Is there an emotion, belief, commitment, or relationship that you are ready to release in order to live the future you envision for yourself?