Intentions are powerful in life, especially when working with psychedelic medicine. Before embarking upon a psychedelic journey, it’s helpful to create space in your schedule to reflect on what you feel you need in your life and why.
It’s most helpful to trust that once your intention is clear, the process will unfold in alignment with your innate wisdom and inner healer. It’s impossible to predict what the process will look like or involve (e.g., healing the nervous system, connecting us with certain emotional states, presenting alternative ways of thinking, illuminating behavioural patterns, reprocessing memories, releasing stored energy from past trauma).

Sometimes we anticipate that in order to achieve x, we will need to do y. Psychedelics can turn our expectations inside out and upside down, and any space of altered consciousness asks that we let go of analyzing, interpreting, or controlling and surrender to the present moment and feeling what we need to feel, seeing what we need to see.
Sometimes we need to feel and release fear, grief, or shame before we can arrive at safety, acceptance, or self-love. Sometimes psychedelics show us that healing doesn’t need to be hard, painful or difficult and we feel bliss, peace, and encounter mystical experiences.

Regardless of where you are at in your journey with psychedelic medicine, here are some reflection questions to support the intention-setting process.

When you become still, close your eyes, and turn inwards… what do you feel your heart longing for? What is your deepest desire?

What unhelpful patterns do you notice in your life that you would like to release, shift, or change?

What areas of your life do you think need the most healing or awareness right now?

Do you feel any resistance to the healing process? What does this look like for you in terms of thoughts, emotions, and behaviours?

What is your relationship like with receiving help? Are you aware of when you need help? Are you comfortable with asking for help? How do you feel when others offer to help you?