At the Full Moon we experience the full expression of the power of the moon cycle. This often brings emotional intensity, and with this Full Moon coinciding with a total lunar eclipse, the energy might be big! During the eclipse, the moon takes on a reddish hue. This is why this Full Moon is called a Blood Moon. 

A Blood Moon is entirely appropriate for where the moon will be residing in the sign of Scorpio, as this archetype is frequently associated with the dark, the taboo, and the underworld. Scorpio energy is passionate, intense, and perceptive. This archetype represents deep, soul-level transformation. Scorpio is not here for the superficial or mundane, but to unravel the true mysteries of human existence. 

Scorpio energy can be supportive for work around self-worth, guiding us into our own shadowy depths to face our fears and grief. We are not born feeling unworthy, but we may mistakenly adopt that belief as a result of life events. Healing may involve feeling painful emotions of loss and regret instead of avoiding them, whether that looks like escaping through numbing with behaviours or substances or trying to fix or change ourselves in order to “earn” a sense of worth. 

There’s nothing like a water sign to bring emotions to the surface, and nothing like Scorpio to really bring things up from the depths. It may be helpful to resource yourself through self-care, time with emotionally-safe loved ones, or ritual/ceremony for your feelings. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is just still and quiet with our emotions. It’s simple, but not easy. 

If it feels challenging to pause and find something in yourself to celebrate this Full Moon, remember that feeling is healing. Feeling is enough, you don’t necessarily need to do anything about it. If you are feeling numb or having difficulty feeling your emotions, I invite you to create space for yourself to pause with curiosity and patience. You may like to try journaling or listening to music to connect with your emotions, but sometimes they need time to feel safe and ready to arise.