June 7, 2022 (7:49am Pacific)

The First Quarter phase of the lunar cycle is all about taking action to implement your intentions set at the New Moon. It’s time to make decisions and take steps to realize your hopes and dreams. 

Virgo is an Earth sign, and Earth represents the material world (e.g., the body, the environment, the senses). Earth also encompasses money, time, career, service, security, organization, and structure. Virgo is an interpersonal sign and so it helps us understand our relationship with the material world and how we are of service to others. 

The Virgo archetype is all about control over the material world. This archetype is often associated with health, habits, routines, details, and organization. Virgo is dedicated to service and understands that to serve others at the highest level, we need to take good care of ourselves and have supportive systems in structure in place. 

When the moon is in Virgo at the First Quarter, we have support for taking action aligned with our intention in a very practical, grounded, material way. It is a wonderful time for setting routines and creating healthy habits.


I invite you to create time and space today or over the next few days to practice embodying the energy of the Virgo archetype and aligning your thoughts and behaviours with your intention for this lunar cycle. We will share our reflections together in circle.

Write down what emotions and physical sensations you are feeling. What seems aligned with the energy of Virgo? What feels in opposition or resistant to this archetype?

What action step(s) will you take to bring yourself into alignment with the intention(s) you set at the new moon? 

What comes up for you in terms of thoughts, emotions, or memories when you think about being of service to others? Is this a place of unease or comfort?

We often hear advice to fill our cup first before helping others. Does this resonate for you? Have you experienced burnout or struggled with self-care?