The most important thing to focus on when pursuing a psychedelic experience is safety, one aspect of which is emotional safety. 

Psychedelics tend to increase the intensity of emotions, and sometimes we may feel emotions that are new, confusing, difficult, or overwhelming during an experience. An emotionally safe guide will encourage you to allow, express, and release emotions as they arise. 

Everyone has different needs when it comes to emotional safety. Personally, emotional safety is something challenging for me to establish. I need a lot of support, encouragement, and validation from a guide before I feel comfortable to express myself. You might be similar. 

Here are some questions you can use to help assess emotional safety. You might wish to use them to initiate a conversation about emotional safety with a guide. 

How does the guide approach emotional expression? Is moving through challenging emotions encouraged? Are emotions and crying encouraged?

Does the guide view emotions as something disruptive, weak, or to be avoided?

Does the guide feel like someone who will encourage and support you to move through emotions? 

Is there an emotion you do not feel safe to express with the guide?

What does emotional safety look and feel like to you?

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