Below are words from some of the courageous beings I have had the absolute honour and privilege to work with:

“Jessica is an extraordinary woman who is most definitely in her calling. Her expertise, care, support, compassion, understanding, intuition, and depth of knowledge is incredible. From the moment I met her I knew that she cared deeply about psychedelic medicine and how it can transform and heal and that she truly cared about me and my experience and life journey as well. Jessica’s openness and willingness to learn and grow is such a breath of fresh air. I can’t recommend her enough for this kind of work and guidance.” – Jenny-Wren

“Working with Jessica has been full of compassionate care. I have learned to trust again and have gone deeper in my journey because I feel safe. I hope everyone can have such a caring person to guide them on their healing journey. Experiential learning is so amazing and I am inspired to help others on their healing journey because of how special this has been for me. Hope has been restored after many years of feeling stuck. I am grateful to have the support of Jessica and the community she has built.” – Maria K.

“I am so happy that my first plant medicine ceremony was with Jessica. She is truly passionate about helping people with plant medicine and integration. I felt comfortable, supported, and safe with Jessica. She is a caring, wise, compassionate person who has a strong foundation in science, spirituality, healing, and personal experience. Thanks for the safe container to explore and grow. Deep Gratitude, Sherry”

“The journey of healing that Jessica helped curate for me through my medicine ceremony was the most life-changing series of events of my entire life. I have been riddled with guilt, shame, and sadness for as long as I can remember. Jessica made me feel comfortable enough to open up so deeply and that was only possible because I trusted her so much that I knew no matter what came up that I would be able to face it. I am currently 3 ish weeks post-ceremony and I have continued to bring spirituality into my daily practice which has made me become a more present mom to my kids. I am no longer focusing on things that I can’t control and I am allowing myself to feel love and kindness cause I now know I deserve it. Thank you so much Jessica for giving me my life back. I can’t express in words how grateful I am to you and Amy. 10/10 highly recommended” – H. W.

“I love the balance of science and spirituality. I feel safe knowing you care able details to provide a positive experience. Your care and attention to detail helped me trust the process. I know that you have done a lot of work and it shows in how you hold space for others.” -Anonymous

“You were kind, and you allowed me to feel so safe. I believe I was able to go so deep in my ceremony because I had so much trust in you that I knew everything was going to be OK.” -Anonymous

“Your expertise, how open you were to be of support before, during and after the ceremony, how you genuinely love what you do and how that glows through you, your care, compassion, understanding, intuitive insights…..I could go on and on. These ceremonies and the time spent preparing and integrating with you have been highlights of my life.” -Anonymous

“Hi Jessica…I wanted to thank you again for all your incredible support – your warmth, acceptance, responsiveness, and presence – it’s hard to express fully in words but you really helped me – thank-you.” – B. A.

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